Marriage and Wedding Videographer Italy


Marriage is an important moment in the life of a person who surely marks a significant passage in life it is normal to want to arrive well prepared and without leaving anything to chance!

Whether you are very young spouses or more mature couples, you will be caught by the same fear, a typical wedding anxiety, in having to organize an event that remains forever in your hearts and in the memories of the guests!

JuneBug Weddings is a true handbook for every groom and bride, an online guide of great competence and quality to have ideas and ideas about the most suitable dress, shoes, ideal location, musical entertainment, destinations for the honeymoon and of course on the best photographers international wedding!

Wedding Videographer Italy constantly updated by internationally renowned wedding planners and photographers who select the best professionals in the marriage sector for users of a “stress free” and impressive effect!

Thanks to an efficient and fast search engine, the spouses will be able to orient themselves by filtering the ceremony, style, season of the year by country or city coming into contact with local and international professionals but willing to travel to bring their contribution and their experience!

JuneBug Weddings is a trendy and avant garde online magazine that will accompany you step by step in the creation of your special day: a real friendly portal to add immediately to your favorites!

A wedding is a very personal celebration. As we accompany you all day, the chemistry should be right between us. For us it is most important that you feel comfortable with us and vice versa. Your day will be accompanied by us in a natural way. We try not to disturb you or your guests and capture natural moments of your wedding. We do not like complicated poses we want naturalness. A natural wedding reportage with many beautiful moments we would like to present to your day.

We try to create our reportages 90% without flash and get him out of his pocket when the daylight goes out. Also Riccardo uses only in the evening an auxiliary light, which is turned on only for your speeches and dance targeted. We try to capture your day as an observer and try to spark as little as possible between them. In a preliminary talk, we give you tips for your day you can read in our Welcome box all again.

As we hear many private situations & emotions from you, we thought we’ll write a few lines about you so you know who’s with you all day long. Best weddings since 2019 and are always there with our hearts and batteries, Cauple have been interested in photography for 15 years and has been working as a graphic designer, photographer, portait photographer for wedding.

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