Why are you buying jewelry insurance?

Have you ever thought about buying insurance for your precious jewelry, which is sometimes expensive, so we
take extra care. But no matter how careful you are when using jewelry,
there is always the possibility of it being stolen, lost or damaged.
Jewelry insurance is essential and is useful in this case. If something
goes wrong with your jewelry, you can rest assured that it can be
repaired or replaced. Here are some of our tips on jewelry insurance.

All Types Of Jewelry Can Be Insured

From your precious wedding ring to the gorgeous watch that your mother gave
you as a birthday gift – any and all types of jewelry pieces can be
insured. Insurance companies can offer coverage for items such as rings,
watches, earringsbraceletsnecklaces, pendants, charms, and even smart jewelry. 

You Have To Get A Jewelry Insurance Quote

Similar to all other types of insurance, you will have to obtain an insurance
quote. An appraisal of the jewelry piece will be completed to ensure
that the insurance quote is appropriate. The appraisal lists a detailed
description of the item and provides an opinion of value based on the
jewelry’s characteristics. Keep in mind, you will want to go to a
professional and reputable jeweler for an appraisal to get the best
evaluation of your jewelry piece.You can search for more than one
insurance quote at a time.

Read And Understand The Coverage

Fully understanding what is written in your insurance will save your from any
hassle when it’s time to use the insurance. Some insurance may not
include full replacements or they may require a deductible prior to any
repairs or replacement. The more you know about what the insurance
offers, the easier it will be when it’s time to file a claim. 

Lost, Stolen, Damaged

Protect your jewelry from loss, theft, or damage with comprehensive insurance.
Comprehensive insurance is the best insurance to have as it covers the
most severe situations like when you leave your jewelry out somewhere,
it gets stolen, or if your jewelry cracks. Jewelry insurance companies
will replace the same jewelry piece or with a comparable piece, should
the exact jewelry piece not be available anymore.

Many times, jewelry is purchased with a warranty. Unlike insurance, the warranty is
limited. In addition, warranty is unlikely to replace jewelry in the
event of theft. With insurance, you don’t have to worry about wearing

Of course, there’s no need to buy insurance if you’re buying cheap jewelry.

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Weddings And Places: Top Wedding Venues In Brisbane Australia

Happily ever after starts with the perfect wedding venue and where is the best place to start to find the perfect venue? Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and if you happen to be planning to hold your wedding there, then Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, might be the right site for you.

Glengariff Historic Estate

Nothing makes a wedding perfect than experiencing a nostalgic one. Glengariff is the oldest family estate in the city having been a dairy farm for over a century and recently renovated into a vineyard and winery. It is now considered as one of the best venues for special events. From an outstanding view of the mountains, the Dayboro Valley, to formal gardens and stone arbours, one can have their ceremony and reception at the same place.

New Farm Park

Garden weddings are quite popular in this subtropical country and one of the popular wedding sites is the New Farm Park. The park boasts of horticultural delights that your eyes will certainly feast upon. Bright purple flowers from the Jacaranda tree during spring time cover the park with its splendor. Get to enjoy your reception overlooking the river or enjoy it surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking Jacaranda and Poincianas.

Castle in the Rainforest – Paronella Park

Hidden within a lush tropical forest is an old Catalonian-inspired castle, a waterfall and a hydro-electric plant is the Paronella Park. The park was built as a private home for Jose Paronella. The Park includes the castle, the Tunnel of Love, a Museum, a Café, tennis court and cabins. Many consider the place as one of the most romantic places on Earth.

Waterfront Wedding – Harrigan’s Drift Inn

If you love a panoramic view of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the Harrigan’s Drift Inn offers a breathtaking view of the marina and the Calypso Bay. Harrigan’s offers several packages starting from an affordable price for a Fireplace and Garden reception to a tailor-made marquee that can cater up to 120 guests. The inn has its own wedding coordinator and as such they can take care of all the preparations for your special day. From table decorations to the menu, music and entertainment, one only needs to stay back and relax for their special day.

Custom House

Right in the city’s downtown area is another romantic place that can serve as your wedding reception. The Custom House is a premier heritage facility overlooking Brisbane River and the Story Bridge. Behind the grand Corinthian columns that flank the exterior of the facility, one would also find a stunning ballroom inside. The place not only serves as a wedding venue but also caters to corporate events.

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