Start Your Own Wedding Blog

So you live here and your fiancĂ© lives five states away. Or, you both live in the same area, but only speak to your families through IM as the fastest way to communicate with them. With the distances between everyone, it’s simply practical to set up your very own personal wedding blog to keep everyone abreast of details leading up to your nuptials. Then your excited mother, your nosey aunt and all your friends will know where and when the wedding ceremony and reception will be, what to get you, and what to wear, among other important stuff.

While most wedding blogs are informative how-to’s that address much of the what-when-where (and sometimes even the why), they are often generic blogs brides like you would read to get tips and ideas for your wedding. Your personal wedding blog is different; it’s a planning blog, as well as a venue for announcements and cries for help. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, Either sign up for a free blog (with blogger or wordpress or livejournal – you choose what works for you) or register for your own domain and build your own blogsite from hard code html, which you might enjoy if you actually built websites for a living. Keep in mind, it may also cost you more money paying for the domain name and webspace. Whichever way you go, you can upload pictures and have personal message boards for interactive commentary from your friends and family.

Your choices of wedding reception hall, wedding ceremony designs, and other ideas can be backed up with second, third, and fourth opinions as you can post photos on your wedding blog and ask your friends and family for comments. This will help narrow down your choices and will make your family and friends feel more involved with your big date. They can also suggest wedding suppliers in the area and post their own experiences, giving insights useful not only to yourself but to other friends as well.

The wedding blog is also a great coordination site. You can set up a message board which will serve as an official online RSVP. You can also post announcements about color, motif, dress and any changes to these, as well as downloadable maps and directions to the wedding ceremony and reception. You can also set up an online wedding registry, which several stores have already been providing, and even deliver, to your new home.

Finally, some wedding blogs out there start out as personal planning, pre-wedding blogs and are maintained after the wedding, as the bloggers enjoy commentary on other weddings and give their own tips and lists of things-I-should-have-done. You could end up with the same, also. Happy blogging!

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