Wedding Blog: Getting your Thoughts and Ideas on the Internet

You have certainly heard about blogs – unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. They are a growing medium of communication on the internet. A simple measure of the growing popularity of blogs is to do a Google search of ‘blog’ which fetches around 1,400,000,000 pages. The keyword ‘wedding blog’ fetches just under 24 million pages. Compare this to a well known sport brand search for their trademark word and it only fetched 84 million pages. Blog is simply short for ‘web blog’ and is simply an online journal about anything – could be about your personal life, your business, about products, your hobby, etc. If you are thinking of getting engaged, are engaged and planning to get married or had your marriage you can think about getting your own wedding blog.

While other people may blog about their personal lives or their hobbies you will be blogging about your full time pursuit of your wedding planning or your wedded life – from the stresses and strains between your partner and yourself, to the beautiful aspects of choosing a reception location and wedding dress and writing out your vows. You can write about your feelings and emotions in your wedding blog as well as vent out your feelings of anger, angst, frustration, happiness and excitement.

You may be asking ‘What would the purpose of your blog be to other people and more importantly me?’ Well there are many advantages – especially for the couple that is planning their wedding. It could be used as a communication tool between the couple to their family and friends about the progress of their wedding. Your wedding blog can act as a guidance tool during your planning as well as well after your wedding for other couples that are planning their wedding in your locality and worldwide. Imagine having your blog acting as a wedding reference for those couples being wedded years after you have.

Finally, you do not need to be a computer nerd to be able to setup your own blog. You can choose from a variety of free online services to setup your wedding blog. There are many places to find the free blog service and there are too many to choose from to list here. However, if you want to setup a wedding blog it would be nice to group your blog alongside with other wedding blogs so internet visitors that are in the business of wanting to know more about weddings can easily find you at the same website. See details below to find out where to get your blog grouped with other wedding blogs.

So while your busy planning your wedding or enjoying the life of being married think about setting up a wedding blog. You would be joining the growing number of people blogging on the internet as well as adding knowledge and wisdom to the internet. You will also reap fro the benefit of being able to easily communicate your feelings and plans with your friends and family as well as advise other couples going down the same road. Good luck!

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