Wedding Blogs

Why Do An Article On Just Wedding Blogs?

Simple, wedding blogs are the only type of blogs I view, so these are the only types of blogs I can comment on, and also I have come to realise that many people do not realise that wedding blogs are another form of web directory of services/vendors.

How Are Wedding Blogs Like Business Directories?

Wedding blogs come across to the uninitiated as an individual raving about a particular service or image or venue, or they focus on the personal aspect of the actual couples involved. This is seemingly as it seems, someone expressing their passions on their chosen subject matter, but is it?

How Wedding Blogs Work.

Wedding blogs are a business! There is a reason why any particular wedding blog looks stylish and professional, and this is because it is a business. The successful well known blogs can sell advertising spaces in various sizes and prevalence. Some blogs will insist on a certain style of image to be used for a vendors advert but in most cases, an advertiser has a free hand.

So? So what you are asking?

Well, the really interesting bit is not the adverts on the wedding blog, but the actual blog posts. Look over any wedding blog post and you will see a reference to a wedding vendor of some description, some times this can be due to just copyright, but in the majority of cases the actual URL or website/company/vendor mentioned in the blog will be the vendor who has paid for that blog post to be made!

Hold on your saying, if a vendor is paying for a blog entry, surely they would want their name/business/website mentioned many times and also a thorough breakdown of who they are, what they offer etc?

Yes of course they will want all that, and so a vendor can pay for that type of blog entry, which is called a “sponsored listing”. In sponsored listings the vendor can go to town with a fully detailed explanation of who they are and what they offer, and in most cases the wedding blogger will opt for the “interview” with these types of “sponsored listings”. But more often and not, wedding vendors will opt for the more normal blog post.

Why Do Wedding Blogs Do this, And Not Just A Traditional Detailed Advert?

Well advertising works at its very best in this particular field of weddings, because Brides to be and Grooms to be are looking for vendors via a referral method. If a third party writes an excellent referral about a wedding vendor, then a Bride to be or Groom to be will be satisfied that the vendor in question there for must be a safe bet.

In the world of weddings, this type of subtle advertising is seen as working really well, and also it is priced cheaper in real terms than a simple advert.

Why Do Vendors Choose To Pay For Blog Posts And Not Just Adverts?

An advert will be removed once the contract time has passed, where as a blog post will remain on that blog forever, or until the blogger ceases to pay for their server/quits blogging.

The aspect of a blog post remaining for a long time, over the short term of an advert is very important to a vendor. Because any vendor website wants to be higher in Google, and one of the main very important factors in promoting a website to Google is gaining links to that vendors website.

But lets be clear about this, not just any link, Google’s algorithms are looking for quality link backs to a vendors website, and there is no better quality link for most wedding vendors than a link from a wedding blog which is specialising in their chosen field of weddings! The only other type of links that would be fantastic for a wedding vendor or any business, is a link from a big website, such as BBC for instance.

Blogs have been around for only a short time, and they will massively increase in numbers and in time people will realise that a blogger is there, just as a business directory is, to sell, sell, sell, but in a informative, entertaining, possibly stylish way.

The most successful wedding bloggers will write in a way that the reader should feel informed and entertained and not consciously realise they are in fact reading a sales pitch.

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